Top ten ways to stay motivated for success

There are days when you wake up and you are just motivated and ready to go. And then there are those days when things feel heavy and you are distracted which makes it hard to get going and find that inner drive. Here are some tips to keep you motivated . . . .

  1. Declutter your workspace:Take a couple of minutes to clean it up. Having an uncluttered and minimalistic workspace helps you to think more clearly and be more focused and ready to tackle the next task (or small step).
  2. Get started: You don’t have to wait for motivation to get started. If you want to work in a consistent way every day then sometimes you just have to get going anyway. And the funny thing is that after you have worked for a while things feel easier and easier and more fun and the motivation will catch up with you.
  3. Start tiny: If a small step still leads you to procrastination try breakingbreaking it down and taking smaller steps. If this still leads you to procrastinate then go even smaller. Take just a tiny 1-2 minute step forward. That’s it. Because the most important thing is to just get going and to build momentum forward.
  4. Reduce distractions: When you have easily accessible distractions all around you then it becomes hard to focus. So shut the door to your office or put your phone on silent mode at the other end of your work space.
  5. Play music that gives you energy: One of the simplest things to do when feeling low in energy or motivation is to play music that’s upbeat and/or inspires you in some way. A break with a few songs or working while listening to them for a while usually works well.
  6. Get motivation from people in your life: Spend less time with negative people who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things. Spend more of the time you have now freed up with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you.
  7. Be kind to yourself: It’s so easy to fall into the trap of beating yourself when you stumble or fail. But that doesn’t work that well and you just feel worse and less motivated. So try this the next time: be kind to yourself, nudge yourself back on the path you were on and take one small step forward.
  8. Research: Learning from people who have gone where you want to go and done what you want to do can help you to avoid pitfalls as well as giving you a realistic time-table for success. This is important to not get demotivated when things aren’t happening as fast you had wished.
  9. Compare yourself to yourself: Instead of deflating yourself and your motivation by comparing yourself to others who seem so far ahead of you, reflect and notice how far you have come.
  10. Be optimistic: Pessimism can drain both your motivation and energy. But the positive and constructive way of looking at things can energise and recharge your motivation. So when you’re in what looks like a negative situation ask yourself questions like: What’s one thing that’s good about this? And what’s one hidden opportunity here?

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