About Professional Office Service

Our Mission

Having been a Business Support Manager, Personal Assistant and a Project Manager for over 20 years in a corporate environment, I needed a new challenge and in September 2017 Professional Office Service was established!

I now work with a broad spectrum of businesses which include beauty salons, a charity, estate agents, trades and even a micropub! Like my clients, my services are varied. I am able to offer support such as day-to-day administration, reviewing or setting up processes as well as event management. There are some important tasks my clients don’t have time to do or simply don’t like doing preferring to spend less time on managing the mundane and more time on bringing more business into the business.

When you have a successful business you want to keep it that way. One way to do that is recognising the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, with all they have to offer.

 Hiring me could be one of the best business moves you could make.

Kirstin Miller

Founder, Professional Office Service

kirstin professional office services

New Clients

Get in touch today to see what we can do and how we can help and support your business.

When a new client approaches me, we usually meet* once or twice to ensure I fully understand the support they are seeking as well as making suggestions about ways I can provide this to meet their individual needs.  We agree how our working relationship will work which includes the best method of communication and how frequently we should meet*. To make sure we have a great working relationship, I make sure I am aware of their business peaks and make sure I am available during those times, even if it is outside of regular office hours. 

* Meet either face to face, skype, zoom, phone or email.

Core Values

The best quality office support in Kent. I always aim to please my clients in everyway I can. 

  • Friendly, trustworthy service
  • Always on-time
  • Make your business and life easier