why choose us?

Outsourcing your back office jobs not only supports you better to stay organised and keep on top of important tasks, it reduces your overheads against employing staff. The main benefits are:

Reliable and trustworthy

You need a virtual assistant who is trustworthy, reliable and dependable. Professional Office Service offers a friendly and efficient service that puts you first. So you really can rely on us being there when you need us and you can depend on our ability to deliver the high-quality services that you expect.

No holiday or sick pay

Using Professional Office Service will considerably reduce your overhead costs compared to having to employ someone directly, as you won’t need to pay benefits such as holiday or sick pay and there are many more savings available that you might not consider at first. For example, you won’t need to supply Professional Office Service with a PC, scanner, printer, broadband access, phone, etc. whereas, you would have to provide all of these to an employed member of staff.

No Tax, NI or pension contributions

You have no obligation to pay tax, National Insurance or pension contributions for Professional Office Service. Which means you can rely on us to complete tasks as and when you need them, but without the restrictions or financial commitments of having to employ someone directly.

Save time and money

By eliminating the many tasks that we can complete on your behalf, you automatically free up a lot of extra time that can be used to focus on driving your business forward and increasing revenues. And because we offer a pay as you go service as standard, you only pay for the time it takes us to complete your tasks, so you really are saving both time and money!